Why go on a Retreat?

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Jade and I took our second annual Sacred Grove business retreat the first week of November. We went to the same cabin on Oak Island that we stayed in last year. This was a cabin that allows dogs, so we took Murphy and Max with us.

While there, we were reminded of the importance of going on a retreat.

Why is it important to go on a retreat?

For me, the list is as follows:

  1. To Get a New Perspective – Get Out of “My Boxâ€

    It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the habit of doing things the same old way, even if I’m not getting the results that I am looking for. When I leave my “comfort zoneâ€, I get to see the world from a different perspective and look at things with fresh eyes. While on retreat, we make a point of spending part of the time looking at the past year and analyzing what worked, what didn’t work, and what we get to add moving forward.

    We also take a look at the year in front of us to determine what it is we want to create. It’s a “thinking out of the box†concept that supports creativity and possibility. As a result, I come away feeling energized and ready to springboard forward to new levels of success in my personal life and business.

  2. To Get Clear on My Vision

    With my “squirrel†personality, it’s really necessary on a regular basis for me to take a good, hard look at what my vision is for my business. Am I on track and moving towards what I say I want to create? Am I utilizing strategies to get me there?

    Getting focused, and taking committed action steps to reach that vision, create extraordinary results.

    Being on a retreat allows me the space to envision and dream up what’s next. This keeps my passion alive, which helps bring my dreams to fruition.

  3. To Create My Power Posse

    One of the biggest keys to my business success is the partnership I established with Jade. Having someone to work with who does all the things that I don’t do well – in excellence – is key. Jade supports me on a daily basis in my personal and professional growth, and I do the same for her.

    Choosing the right person to work with to brand us and get our message in front of the right audience is another thing that has been key for us.

    I also surround myself with friends and work cohorts who are supportive of my vision and also committed to themselves, and their lives, as well. Having Dina, Robbie, and Trai putting their loving energy into the space on a weekly basis helps to raise the vibration here at the Grove.

  4. To Balance Work with Play

    Creating play time while on a retreat is a great reminder of how necessary it is to incorporate “fun†into every work week. It balances out the business part of the retreat and serves as a great avenue for self-renewal.

Where could you go for this kind of retreat?

I’d like to recommend choosing Sacred Grove for your next retreat.

Whether it’s a personal retreat or a business retreat, we offer everything you and your team need to get out of your box. And we offer you the opportunity to renew in a healing, restorative, and creative environment.

Utilizing the quiet, the night skies, the labyrinth, the fire pit, the yurt, and the vortex allows you to tap into new perspectives for yourself or your business. And overcoming the challenge of the ropes course brings play, adventure, and team building into the mix as well.

What results can you expect?

A stronger you, a more collaborative team, and much less stress in your life and business.

Retreats are a restorative factor in life and business. For help in planning a unique and experiential retreat for you and your team, click here. We would be glad to help you plan yours!

Written by Ellen Whiteside




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  • February 9, 2018