What Is Stopping You?

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By the age of 65, 98% of the population is dead or dead broke.

It’s sad but true. The majority of people never realize their dreams. This begs the question of why? I believe it can be attributed to 3 things.
  1. Commitment – Most people say what they want, make a plan (or not), start down the path then get tired, hit a road block of some sort, get distracted by something  or it gets hard. And they quit. They let their feelings rather than their commitment drive their results. Successful people in business, sports and life don’t care how they feel. They focus on their commitment. That’s how to get the life of your dreams.
  2. Self limiting beliefs – They believe that they can’t do it. Something didn’t work out in the past so it won’t in the future. So they don’t try.
  3. Lack of focus – They start something and it doesn’t work quickly and they see something else that they think will be better so they switch. Therefore, confirming their self limiting relief that nothing works and I can’t do this.

If you truly want to create the life of your dreams ask yourself.

  1. Am I feelings driven or commitment driven?
  2. Am I stopping short so that I can prove to myself that I can’t do it?
  3. Am I focused on my goal or do I jump all over the place?

Now go out and create the life of your dreams!

Written by Jade Reese

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  • June 7, 2018