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At Sacred Grove Retreat, guests have the opportunity to connect with nature through various activities. Scenic trails offer the perfect setting for hiking, while the labyrinth provides a meditative space for contemplative walks. The butterfly garden adds to the natural beauty of the surroundings. As the sun sets, the backdrop of stars becomes the setting for enchanting bonfires and drum circles, creating a magical atmosphere.

For those seeking deeper knowledge, the Grove House hosts an extensive metaphysical library with books covering a variety of subjects. This allows guests to delve into a wealth of information and enhance their understanding of metaphysical and spiritual topics during their stay.

Sacred Grove Retreat Center provides five climate-controlled rental facilities for lodging, catering to various preferences and needs. These include the hand-built Log House, the primary retreat home known as the Grove House, the Thoreau Cabin, the Baby Yurt, and the Yummy Yurt. This diverse range of accommodations ensures that guests can find the perfect setting for their stay at the retreat center.

The Grandmother Yurt serves as a central gathering space for a variety of activities, including yoga sessions, retreat activities, teaching sessions, and more. This enchanting round structure facilitates a circle seating arrangement, fostering connectivity and creativity among participants. This versatile yurt provides a welcoming and flexible environment, accommodating different events and gatherings to enhance the overall retreat experience for guests.

If you decide to rent the Grove House or the Log Home, you have the option to also rent the Grandmother Yurt for use as your meeting or workshop space. The yurt is equipped with heating and air-conditioning, and Sacred Grove provides 6 ft. tables and chairs. Additionally, catering services are available upon request, adding convenience and further enhancing the overall experience.

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Sacred Grove Retreat Center provides a magical space for hosting your retreat. Whether it's an educational or wellness retreat, this location offers the perfect setting for your event. Make your reservation today and dare to think "outside the box" for a truly unique and transformative experience.

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