how a ropes challenge COURSE strengthens you and your team

Due to COVID-19, Sacred Grove Retreat Center now specializes in Short Term Rentals utilizing the highest safety and social distancing standards. Located on 11 scenic acres in the countryside of Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Sacred Grove Retreat Center offers a place for individuals and small groups to gather, experience adventure, reflect, bond, focus, and grow. There is plenty of room to commune with nature and get away from the stressors of life.

Sacred Grove Retreat Center has 5 lodging options where you can practice social distancing with just yourself or your family.

Until the pandemic is over, we are not doing team building exercises using the High Ropes Challenge Course

Whether you are looking to go on a retreat for quiet inner reflection or with your family or friends, Sacred Grove Retreat Center is the place for you!


Sacred Grove Retreat Center offers space for you to create your own corporate, educational, wellness, or team building event. It is secluded, yet conveniently located for easy access from several major cities.            


The Ropes Challenge Course presents a unique experience where groups come together to create effective teams. They are empowered through encouragement and team building exercises. It provides a safe, supportive atmosphere to bond, grow, and explore potential. Due to COVID-19, we are not doing any team building activities at the present time.


Sacred Grove Retreat Center has five climate-controlled lodging facilities to choose from – a hand-built Log House, the Grove House, the Thoreau Cabin, the Baby Yurt, and the Yummy Yurt. When you rent for the day, weekend, or week, you also get access to all the common areas.

Shamanic Studies with Robbie Warren – (Private Event) @ Sacred Grove Retreat
May 1 @ 10:00 am – May 3 @ 12:00 pm

Robbie Warren of Otter Dance teaches on-going Shamanic classes. For more information go to

Otter Dance is dedicated to the Spiritual Path of Earth Medicine and Nature, honoring Spirit in all things.

About Robbie:

Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing is a modern day Medicine Woman and a traditional Shaman who serves as an intermediary between this world and the spirit world, she holds ceremonies, rituals and healing with the aid of Spirit Guides following the cultural traditions passed down through ancient teachings.

Robbie has been blessed with unique insight and connection to the Spirit World.  Her gifts have come naturally and have been developed and nurtured by surrounding herself with gifted teachers and Medicine People from many cultures around the world: South Africa, Germany, Iceland, Norway, The Netherlands, and Scotland.

Robbie has tremendous creative energy and a sincere desire to seek cooperative partnerships.  She has a talent for using her inspiration to uplift those around her.  Robbie takes pleasure in the richness of all possibilities and wants everyone to live life to the fullest.  Another exceptional gift is her ability to perceive how people limit their growth.  Robbie can help others break old patterns and gain new perspective on what is holding them back from receiving the fuller life they long for and deserve.

Her spiritual path has its roots in Native American tradition but has grown and developed through Robbie’s shamanic experiences through her travels into a practice she calls Earth Medicine.  The emphasis of Earth Medicine is reverence and respect for all living beings, conscious connection to Spirit and a keen awareness of the lessons life has to offer.  Her journey along this path has given created many opportunities to serve as the bridge between the old teachings and the Modern World as a Visionary, Teacher, Writer, Spiritual Leader, and more.

As a Visionary, Robbie was given the vision of this Fire Dance.  The dance she was given is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. However, this Dance comes from a time before divides existed in the world.  This dance is steeped in the infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel that predates man, and we Dance to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We Dance to bring the wholeness back to the planet.